Alabama Cancels Class for Bowl

One of the major arguments the NCAA makes against having a playoff system is that it would force students to miss too much class. Well that doesn’t appear to be a problem at Alabama where the university has canceled classes from Wednesday, January 6th through Friday, January 8th of 2010.

The university cited the number of students who would have to be in Pasadena attending the game, plus “the number of faculty, staff, and student who want to be there.”

I guess you don’t have to worry about just the football team making up the missed class time as the whole school will be shut down.

Is a playoff system not feasible because the Tide might have to shut down their whole university for two or three weeks time? Wouldn’t Christmas break be a nice time to have these games so the universities can cut that out as an excuse?

You can bet that our handicappers won’t be taking time off this bowl season and will be working hard to deliver winning college bowl picks to their clients throughout every game to finish off the year.