Black’s 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

Winning and Timothy Black have become synonymous, especially when talking about the bowl picks that he releases to clients.  For years he has been making money with a list of private clients, and now we are glad to have him on board our site for readers to take advantage of.  He offers a unique take on the bowl game odds and doesn’t fall for the easy traps.  Last night he cashed in the Texas Bowl by taking Rice over Western Michigan and here were his thoughts behind the game:

The Owls have averaged 42 points a game this year and have scored at least 5 TD’s in each game of a 6 game winning streak that they finished the season on.  The Owls are also on a tear ATS as they went 5-1 in that 6 game win streak as well.  This is a team that will put a ton of points on the board and run away from Western Michigan.  The MAC has been disappointing this bowl season starting 0-2 when they were favored and should have won both games.  Look for more of the same as the Broncos won’t be able to keep pace.