East’s 2009 Capital One Bowl Game Lines

It’s another day and another winner for those of you following the bowl picks released each day by Mr. East.  Nobody in the country has been as successful breaking down the college football lines this year, and the bowl game odds have been just as easy for him this season.  Take a look at just why he liked Georgia over Michigan State to see if you can learn some of his magic:

Probably the biggest fraud in college football this season is overrated Jevon Ringer. Ringer got more raves than any back in the country. The problem is the only thing he can get credit for is he carries the ball 40 times a game, and he is a stat compiler vs lousy teams. The top 5 teams on the schedule were California,Wisconsin,Ohio St., Iowa, and Penn St. Ringer carried the ball 106 times for 335 yards against these teams. That is 3.16ypc!!! That is a bigtime back, in big time games? Hardly! Georgia, like so many teams we have seen this Bowl season, rising up after a disappointing season. Georgia was considered to have the top talent in the country but was scorched by Bama at mid-season and never recovered. They still have the 32nd ranked defense, and Ringer is going nowhere in this game. It should also be pointed out that Michigan St. in those 5 games was 0-5 ATS!!! Ringer ripped the other weak teams on the schedule for 1,249 yards on 4.9ypc. It also should be noted that the Spartans gave up 33.8ppg in those 5. Every dog his it’s day, only today, it is BULLDOGS!!!