East’s 2009 Cotton Bowl Picks

If you are trying to beat the bowl game lines on the 2009 Cotton Bowl, then take a look at what Mr. East thinks below with his Ole Miss pick:

There is another glamour team in a big Bowl and that is Texas Tech. The nation saw this team at its best, and at its worst. They looked like the best team in the country after their win vs Texas at home, but soon after they were humiliated on the road vs Oklahoma, and suffered a huge letdown vs Baylor and almost came up with what would of been a disasterous loss. Last year we saw this team put up 34 or more points a game in 10 of 12 games, but averaged just 30ppg in their last 3 on the road. It was followed by a 31 point performance in their Bowl game, and led to a win, no cover. Two years ago they the high scoring Red Raiders went to a Bowl and was held to 14 points through 3 quarters before rallying for 24 fourth quarter points and win in OT, again a win, and no cover. Three years ago they brought their offense vs a defensive Alabama team, and this time just 10 points, and a loss, no cover. Mississippi is a talented team, with a talented QB in Snead. The biggest addition to this team however is Houston Nutt. He is a creative coach with a team that improved steadily as the season went on. What was a good defensive team to start the season, became a team that was good on both sides of the ball. Any team that can go into the Swamp and beat a top Florida team, into baton Rouge and beat the Tigers, and into Alabama, and come up just 4 points short, should not be getting points on a neautral field to Texas Tech. The last 4 weeks of the season, the Rebels gave up 20 points or 5ppg, and noone got more than 31 against them the entire season. Texas Tech may be flat for this one, because after the Texas game they really thought they were going to be playing in the National Championship game, but instead find themselves up against a 4 loss team. After such high magnitude games with Texas, and Oklahoma, it would be hard to imagine this team having a lot of fire for this one, and Mississippi is good enough to win this game, regardless, and I like them here, with a good chance to win this one straight up!