Jack’s 2009 GMAC Bowl Picks

It was another winning night for Jack Jones and the subscribers to his college football bowl picks.  Nobody has been hotter to start off the 2009 season as he keeps cashing for clients night after night by beating the bowl game odds posted.  If you have been having trouble handicapping the games on your own then trust an expert who has years of experience and spends his nights going over the matchups, line moves, and latest news on both of the teams.  Just take a look at how that hard work pays off by reading why he was on the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes last night over Ball State:

10* on Tulsa -3

The Golden Hurricanes had a pretty impressive season at 10-3 with losses to Arkansas, Houston, and East Carolina. The East Carolina loss came in the Conference USA title game when the Hurricanes had seven turnovers yet still only lost by three points. Ball State’s incredible record this year came mostly from the team not playing anyone and I think they are going to run into trouble tonight when facing a quality opponent in Tulsa.