Altemus 2008 Armed Forces Bowl Picks

Last night Evan Altemus proved once again that he is one of the best in the business at beating the bowl game odds.  If you are having trouble finishing your season off on a winning note then sign up for the bowl picks that he offers, you won’t regret it.

These two teams already faced each other earlier in the season, with Air Force winning 31-28.  However, the city of Houston was just beginning to recover from Hurricane Ike.  Houston’s players didn’t have power and several of them had to sleep on the floor in the week leading up to that game.  Consequently, the Cougars came out very sluggish and could never recover, as football was the last thing on their mind.  Despite everything that Houston was up against in that game, they still only lost by three points.  After the month of September, they were a totally different team, winning five out of their last seven games.  Another key is that Houston has already faced Air Force’s unique option offense this season.  The biggest problem when facing an option team is not being used to such a unique attack.  Many times, when the service academies face better teams, they jump out to a lead, but their opponents begin to jump all over them once they become used to the option attack.  Air Force really struggles against passing and spread offenses, and Houston has one of the most explosive offenses in college football.  In addition, they are playing this game just a few hours away from their home campus in Fort Worth, Texas.  Look for the Cougars to get an easy win.