Black Widow

Black Widow

The Widow is in the midst of 674-583 NFL, 252-225 NCAAF, 137-118 NCAAB, 137-120 NBA, 94-76 MLB & 12-6 NFLX Runs to really show his versatility in all sports that he handicaps! Sign up today!


The Black Widow has been betting sports ever since he was legal to gamble. Even in getting his feet wet as a first-time gambler, Widow cashed in over $20,000 in 1997 exclusively betting NCAAB, College Football and the NFL. It was then that he realized sports betting was his calling.

Sports have always been a big part of his life and he couldn't imagine doing anything else. Most sports bettors don't have the time to put in the necessary research it takes to win consistently. We want you to understand that this is a serious business and you can count on the max effort out of the Widow because if you don't win, he doesn't win either.

The Widow bets every single play that you will be betting. Widow's minimum bet on any single game is $5,000 with his largest bet of $45,000 coming on the 2005-2006 Super Bowl where he cashed in that colossal wager on the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With thousands of clients by his side, you can imagine the kind of pressure he has on his shoulders daily to perform at the highest level. The Widow excels under pressure and the countless amount of research he puts into each play has him winning at a higher rate than any other handicapper on the planet.

The one aspect that separates him from the rest of the field is how well he handicaps all five major sports. Pro and College Basketball has always been his specialty. But his best season of all-time came in 2005 when he cashed in over $400,000 in NFL and college football combined.

In Widow's 10-year career, he has only had one losing season in basketball, which was all the way back in 1999. He takes tremendous pride in providing winning sports picks season after season for him and his faithful premium clients. You can always count on 2-5 plays in each sport every day from him.

His top play is known as a 6* Widow Wiseguy. Sportsbooks and Bookies from across the country fear this play because of the deadly winning percentages that come along with it. Many gamblers only count on betting a single play each day because they only want the top plays. He guarantees that with his Widow Wiseguy plays, you will see more success than you ever thought possible if you are one of those bettors.

The Widow uses situational handicapping more than any other factor. Obviously injuries, strengths and weakness, weather and many other factors are very important. But the Widow has a knack for predicting when a team will have a letdown and when a team is ready to bust out of their slump.

Some of the situations he uses are going to make you look twice. These are situations that no other handicappers can pinpoint. He has the ability to spot these situations and believes there is nobody else on earth that has the natural talent that he offers. He wants you to see this talent up close and personal every day in with his in-depth analysis. If you are looking for a proven winner and a handicapper you can trust, then the Black Widow is your man.