Bowl Handicapping on Underdogs

Here is some basic info for the College Football Bowl Season. One of the best practices in sports betting is to simply take quality teams when they are underdogs, as they not only have a chance to win the game outright, but they can also stay within the point spread if their efforts come up a bit short.

The college football bowl season is no exception to the rule, and those simply taking all underdogs of six or more points the last five years would have won 98 games and lost 75. That’s a 56.6 winning percentage, which will put money in your pocket.

Underdogs of 10 or more points were a solid 14-8 (63.6 percent) against the spread over the past five seasons, so the larger underdogs have performed even better especially prior to New Years Day.

For a method that’s so simple, the results are pretty good. Those of you who like plenty of action during the bowl season should look to play all the underdogs of 6 or more points, while those of you who like to limit the number of games you wager on will probably be more apt to look for the 10 point or more underdogs. As always good luck and be a winner!