Info Plays 2009 Fiesta Bowl Picks

Take a look at the reasons why Ohio State covers the spread Monday with the analysis offered along with the bowl picks that InfoPlays puts out:

10* Ohio State/Texas Fiesta Bowl GOLD MINE on Ohio State +9

1.) Ohio State has been getting pounded in the media about their recent BCS struggles, giving them all the more motivation to come out and prove that the can win the big game. This motivation goes along way in these BCS games, and the motivational factor is clearly on the Buckeyes. Texas is a bit frustrated even being in this game as they feel they should be in the National Championship.

2.) Ohio State has a bunch of tricks up their sleeves. The Buckeyes are expected to have both QB’s in at the same time in this contest, which is something the Longhorns won’t be prepared for. This will create big plays for the Buckeyes to counter Texas’ speed. The Buckeyes will be able to ware down this Texas defensive line with their power running game behind Beanie Wells as well. Texas has struggled against speed QB’s like Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor. They allowed 201 rushing yards to Baylor just 3 games back, who have a speedy QB that burnt the Longhorns all game long.

3.) System Play. We’ll Play On – Underdogs of 3.5 to 10 points (OHIO ST) – in non-conference games, with 17 or more total starters returning. This is a 71-34 ATS System hitting 67.6% since 1992. This team is loaded with seniors that are determined to prove their naysayer’s wrong and show that they can win the big game. The Buckeyes will be the more motivated team, and with expectations much lower than they have been in year’s past, this team will have a great shot to win outright tonight. Bet Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl.