Joe McKnight’s Emerald Bowl Status

Nothing is certain for USC’s star running back, Joe McKnight as the Trojans prepare for the Emerald Bowl on December 26th against Boston College.  The NCAA is investigating a potential rules violation by McKnight that involves him receiving gifts based on this athletic ability, in this case a 2006 Land Rover valued at $27,000. This according to a recent story on McKnight in the LA Times.

McKnight says he has never driven the SUV, despite reports that he has been observed driving the vehicle.  The Land Rover is registered to Scott Schenter, who owns and works for several companies with marketing interests, but who has said that he “has nothing to do with agents, marketing players or representing athletes.”  Get a 20% first deposit bonus when you sign up for a new sports betting account with Bookmaker.

So what is the explanation?  Schenter is saying that he registered the vehicle for Johanna Michelle Beltran, a family friend who just happens to be McKnight’s girlfriend, because she could not qualify for a loan herself.  Schenter says that Beltran makes payments on the vehicle and pays for the insurance.

What doesn’t seem right about the story is that several people have come forward saying that McKnight was driving the Land Rover, yet he denies it.  If it is truly his girlfriends vehicle and he has driven it before, why not just come clean and say that she didn’t feel like driving that day?  The NCAA is already looking into USC for alleged violations by Reggie Bush and O.J. Mayo and this doesn’t do much to help the perception that elite USC athletes are receiving gifts in violation of NCAA rules.

According to our college bowl odds there has not been much of an impact to the game based McKnight’s uncertain status.  The Trojans are still 7.5 to 8 point favorites.  Either bettors and odds makers are waiting to see what really happens with this all, or they figure that USC has enough depth at running back to cover for the loss even if McKnight is out.  Only time will tell.  Be sure you get winning college bowl picks this season from out top rated football handicappers.  They’ll keep a close eye on this story and many others that you may not know about in order to bring you the best picks in the industry.