Price’s 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Picks

Don’t just worry about your handicapper looking at the sides of the bowl game odds, but you want to take advantage of both opportunities in every single game.  That is why you have to like Dave Price who isn’t afraid to post his opinion on both the side and the total like he did last […]

Alexander’s 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Picks

Take a look at the bowl picks offered by Jeff Alexander if you want to win your bet on the total of the 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl.  This is a guy who takes a look at every single one of the bowl game lines that get posted by the sportsbooks, so you don’t have to worry […]

Burns 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Game Lines

I’m taking the points with LSU. The Yellow Jackets exceeded expectations this year while the Tigers underachieved. However, while those results have given us excellent line value, it should be remembered that the Tigers played in a much tougher conference. I feel that LSU matches up very well vs. the Yellow Jackets. I also believe […]

Boyd’s 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl Picks

It was another winner for the subscribers to Jimmy Boyd‘s bowl picks as he correctly called LSU over Georgia Tech in the 2008 Chick-Fil-A Bowl.  If this is not one of the bowl game odds that you were able to take advantage of on your own, then maybe you need to work on seeing errors […]

Widow’s 2008 Insight Bowl Picks

6* Widow Wiseguy 2008 CFB TOTAL OF THE YEAR on Minnesota/Kansas O 59.5 This is our strongest Over/Under pick of the entire 2008 college football season, so do not be shy with your wagers!  Minnesota and Kansas will finish OVER the Total with ease Wednesday.  The Gophers are coming off their two worst defensive performances […]

Price’s 2008 Insight Bowl Picks

It was another one of those easy ones to spot, at least that is what Dave Price said when he was looking at the list of bowl games odds for this season.  That is why so many of his bowl picks cash in, he just makes it seem so easy to study the games and […]

Martin’s 2008 Insight Bowl Odds

If you are looking for a handicapper who releases winning bowl picks on a regular basis, then take a look at who John Martin is taking each night of the season.  Nobody works harder at beating the bowl game odds than Martin does, and it shows.  Let’s take a look at another one of his […]

Doc’s 2008 Insight Bowl Game Odds

Doc’s Sports was right on the money with their bowl picks on the game between Kansas and Minnesota.  Not only did they beat the bowl game odds on the side, but they also nailed the total.  Take a look at the reasons they had for both plays below: 3 Unit Play. #14 Take Kansas Jawhawks […]

Widow’s 2008 Music City Bowl Picks

When it comes to beating the bowl game odds there are only a very few who can keep up with the pace set by Black Widow.  Last night one of his bowl picks was on Vanderbilt in the 2008 Music City Bowl, and once again his clients cashed a winning ticket.  Let’s see why he […]

InfoPlays 2008 Music City Bowl Picks

With the 2008 Music City Bowl the Info Plays team found yet another mismatch with their rankings and systems compared to the bowl game odds and the beneficiaries were their clients.  Chalk up another winner for their bowl picks as they rode Vanderbilt to another winning ticket.  Let’s see why they were so big on […]