Info Plays 2009 BCS National Championship Picks

Take a look at the reasons why the Info Plays team thinks Florida covers the spread Wednesday: 10* Florida/Oklahoma Championship Line Mistake on Florida -4.5 1.) Both teams can score, but Florida has the defense that will get a few stops in this game to allow for a National Championship. This is the best defense […]

Info Plays 2009 Fiesta Bowl Picks

Take a look at the reasons why Ohio State covers the spread Monday with the analysis offered along with the bowl picks that InfoPlays puts out: 10* Ohio State/Texas Fiesta Bowl GOLD MINE on Ohio State +9 1.) Ohio State has been getting pounded in the media about their recent BCS struggles, giving them all […]

Info Plays 2009 Rose Bowl Picks

When the Info Plays team thinks the books have made a mistake with their bowl game lines, visitors tend to listen and load up big.  Those of you who followed their bowl picks yesterday and took USC over Penn State were happy that you did, so let’s check out their reasons why USC would cover […]

InfoPlays 2008 Music City Bowl Picks

With the 2008 Music City Bowl the Info Plays team found yet another mismatch with their rankings and systems compared to the bowl game odds and the beneficiaries were their clients.  Chalk up another winner for their bowl picks as they rode Vanderbilt to another winning ticket.  Let’s see why they were so big on […]

InfoPlays 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

There was never a doubt for the Info Plays team that with their bowl picks this season they were going to take Rice as their blowout game of the year.  Sometimes the bowl game odds feature a team that should just flat out be favored by a lot more points than they are, and this […]

InfoPlays 2008 Alamo Bowl Game Odds

The InfoPlays team has been known for making quality bowl picks for years and we are happy to have them on our site.  This is a group of handicappers with an extensive database that allows them to beat the bowl game lines season after season.  If you are looking for someone to give you a […]

InfoPlays 2008 Independence Bowl Picks

The InfoPlays team just keeps on cashing tickets for the clients who are following their college football bowl picks.  This is a team of handicappers that works hard at analyzing the bowl game odds so when they release a play, you know they have taken a look at every angle and figured out which side […]

InfoPlays 2008 Champs Sports Bowl Picks

There are only a few handicappers that have been able to keep up with the bowl picks offered by the Info Plays team.  They have a detailed database of systems that will help them beat the bowl game odds season after season, so if you want to finish your year off a winner get signed […]

InfoPlays 2008 Hawaii Bowl Game Lines

Are you looking for a handicapper to produce this season?  Then take a look at Info Plays and the bowl picks that they provide.  This crew goes over the bowl game odds to break down which sides and totals give you the best chance to profit over the book.  Take a look at the writeup […]

InfoPlays 2008 EagleBank Bowl Game Odds

Don’t miss a single one of the bowl picks provided by the InfoPlays team this season!  Nobody works harder at providing the detailed analysis as to why they think the bowl game lines are off on the games they are taking, just take a look at the writeup below: 10* 2008-09 NCAAF Bowl Season Opener […]