InfoPlays 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

There was never a doubt for the Info Plays team that with their bowl picks this season they were going to take Rice as their blowout game of the year.  Sometimes the bowl game odds feature a team that should just flat out be favored by a lot more points than they are, and this […]

Widow’s 2008 Texas Bowl Picks

It’s the same old situation night in and night out of the college football post-season.  The Black Widow has done a great job of beating the bowl game lines to this point and he’ll continue on into the bigger January games.  Just take a look at one of his bowl picks from yesterday, when he […]

Martin’s 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

It’s one of the biggest errors in the bowl game odds that John Martin has found all season, and his clients cashed in yet again with his play last night on Rice.  If you missed any of his bowl picks to date, you will most regret your decision to sit out on this one as […]

Price’s 2008 Texas Bowl Picks

Dave Price is one of the top minds in the handicapping industry and he looks to continue to build a name for himself with the 2008 bowl picks that he posts.  Last night was just another example of how confident he is in breaking down the bowl game lines as he took Rice over Western […]

Janus’ 2008 Texas Bowl Picks

It’s amazing how much money the clients of Steve Janus made with his football picks this year, and nearly all of those subscribers re-upped for his bowl picks package.  The profits continue to pile up as there are a very few in the world who have been as successful with breaking down the bowl game […]

Jack’s 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

Jack Jones just keeps beating the bowl game odds and his clients just keep piling up the profits in their bankrolls.  Last night it was Rice over Western Michigan in the 2008 Texas Bowl as he hit yet another one of his bowl picks.  If you are looking for an expert to help guide you […]

Black’s 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

Winning and Timothy Black have become synonymous, especially when talking about the bowl picks that he releases to clients.  For years he has been making money with a list of private clients, and now we are glad to have him on board our site for readers to take advantage of.  He offers a unique take […]

Fargo’s 2008 Texas Bowl Game Odds

It was another night of winners for the lucky clients of Matt Fargo who are playing his bowl picks this season.  He circled yet another one of the bowl game odds that was ripe for the taking when he selected Rice in the 2008 Texas Bowl.  Read why he backed Rice in the details below: […]

Boyd’s 2008 Texas Bowl Lines

Jimmy Boyd just keeps helping his clients cash in with his college bowl picks this season, and he’s not going to let up any time soon.  How about the big game he posted last night when he took the bowl game odds on Rice -2 as one of his biggest plays of the post-season.  If […]

Altemus 2008 Texas Bowl Odds

Another easy winner for those of you signed up for the bowl picks offered by Evan Altemus, as he took Rice last night to pound Western Michigan.  Don’t miss any more opportunities from Evan throughout the season as he continues to pick apart the bowl game odds and win bets for his clients.  Just take […]